Company Overview

Established in 2012 DreamMakers Events & Party Rentals is a boutique style event rental company offering a wide variety of fashion forward quality products at fair prices. We believe that all celebrations are equally important and that everyone deserves the best in quality, service and products.
Servicing end users and industry event professionals alike. We pride on the great relationships we have built since our beginnings. We see ourselves as a partner, not just a vendor to our clients. Proud to be a multilingual company and a melting pot of cultures and ideas. Our staff speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Creole to better serve you. Our love for eclectic inspiration from all over the world and via all mediums of art and design is the cornerstone of DreamMakers Events & Party Rentals design perspective, and we work to continually bring innovative concepts to life. At DreamMakers Events & Party Rentals we are future-vision thinkers, fueled by new beginnings & fresh opportunities.

Our Story

We all know that everyone has a story. Some are amazing, others not so much but probably are pack with a lot of important lessons. One day you’re following the prescribed path only to find it has veered from the course. But as you follow the unforeseen trail, you begin to realize that perhaps your whole life has prepared you for the destination. You couldn’t have planned it, and you certainly never dreamed it.

DreamMakers Events & Party Rentals is our story—our unexpected path that has filled our lives with so much beauty. 

My name is Sheyla Morales. I was born and raised in the enchanting island of Puerto Rico. Since very early age I felt a fascination for travels, architecture and all things pretty that at the time in those childhood years I could not even comprehend. Growing up books were an escape and the gateway to satisfy my never ending curiosity. Coming from a working class family real travel was not always an option. As time passed I also develop an interest for babies and children thus leading the start of my college career into the medical field. I graduated from high school with highest honors and immediately got admitted to the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine. Although after being a fantastic accomplishment and a fascinating first journey, the "all things pretty" childhood seed planted in me kept on growing stronger than ever. So the next step on my journey began; one that would change my life forever.

The year of 1999 marked the biggest chapter of my future. Although still loving children, I decided that being a doctor in the end was not my true call so I armed myself with bravery and chose to moved from my native country to come live to the city of Orlando, FL. This decision ended up in my family making the move as well. I planned to attend college and while attending as and act of God I met the one that would come to be the love of my life, my partner of adventures and biggest support. Claudio, native from Brasil and an entrepreneur at hearth, and I tied the knot in 2001 and today many years later we have built a beautiful and blessed family with three lovely children, one boy and two girls.

In 2005 I obtained a degree in Interior Design from Seminole State College after pursuing my long time love for arts and design. I exercised my new profession at the residential level working on numerous projects for a Central Florida well known developer and home builder. It was a total dream job and the beginnings of seeing and executing a client's vision and the fulfillment of hours of work, one that rather than being stressful it was indeed fascinating. Life is full of unexpected tricks and turns and after the construction industry took a hit due to the economy and recession I saw myself unemployed not knowing I was pregnant. Yet again my career life would take a slight change.

In 2009, after the birth of our son Dmitri, I was searching for a creative outlet where I could put those years of design experience to work and not having to depend on the construction industry and it's recession. While my husband Claudio was busy growing up his own distribution company, I set off to plan our son's first birthday celebration. This would be what would set the spark of a new adventure ride in our lives and thus two years later Dream Makers Events & Party Rentals was born. Established in 2012 as a party rentals company and mostly kids and teens events, we strived to offer the market with theatrical and story like designs to celebrate the precious years of childhood. I often got inspired by my own kids that at this point there were already two of them since Nirvana was born the previous year. Claudio although not at the front of the company has always provided support working with our staff on warehousing and logistics solutions to ensure that all products and deliveries go out in timely manner to all of our client events.

As years passed Dream Makers Events & Party Rentals has evolved. Together, we learned how to nurture and grow a business from the ground up. With the help of a great team and amazing industry partners, our family own business has taken on a life of its own. Today we are writing our future with each of our clients stories and celebrations and we feel so humble to be part of it.

Sheyla Morales Found $ CEO DreamMakers